Berlin eerie inhabitants
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Wild animals in the city.
A long time ago, fox, wild boar, raccoon and Co. have realized that life in the city could offer so many advantages, compared to the hard struggle for survival in nature. Even the experts differentiate between urban foxes and wild fox. Whereat the former being hardly able to survive in the wild, so much he has accustomed to life in the city. Uncanny visitors have quit for a long time to walk exclusively at night and in the shadows around the city.

One raccoon living in a car park at Alexanderplatz then is a sensation for a short time only. Anyone with open eyes who strolls through the city and it’s fringe area, but also the inner city, has some encounters with wild boar, fox and Co. off and on. For affected residents it represents not always a cute sight …

This film shows a small detail of the manifold life of the strange visitors in the city of Berlin.

Berlin eerie inhabitants

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