Miss Julie
Tragedy of August Strindberg
Stage version and directed by
Roland Müller

Language: German
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The intimate play is about the young aristocratic Julie and her butler Jean, their behavior and relationship to each other during a midsummer night and the following morning. It is set in 1894 in the kitchen of the manor of Julie's father in a small town in Sweden and covers class distinction, the battle of the sexes as well as love and lust.
Julie tries to escape her life affected by social norms and have some fun by dancing with the servants at the annual midsummer celebration. There she is attracted to the older butler Jean, who has traveled around the world and beeing both well educated and formed. Jean's fiancée, a maid named Kristin, remains many a time in the kitchen and sleeps there, while Julie and Jean have a conversation.
The plot focuses on the various positions of power. While Miss Julie stands socially over Jean because she is a member of the upper class and a lady, Jean exercises power on Julie by his education and his malehood. Julie's father, the Count, exercises power in his role as father, nobleman and employer on both Julie and Jean, although he never appears.
During the night, the initial flirtation between Julie and Jean developed into a perfect love affair. Throughout the storyline both fight about getting the situation under control and to ignore their mutual desire. Finally Jean convinces Julie, that the only way to get out of her predicament lies in her suicide.
Miss Julie

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