Fascination Berlin
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Berlin in the third millennium is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe: Top-class cultural metropolis and cosmopolitan city with heart and soul. In its changeful history, it was prussian residence, capital of the german empire, cultural metropolis, city of ruins and a symbol of the Cold War. Ups and downs of German history have formed the city, where cultures, philosophies and trends melt like in a kaleidoscope. Berlin's only constant is the constant change. The city is a laboratory for merging of East and West. There should be cities where you have to be born in order to qualify as domestic, but not in Berlin. Who comes here and stays is a Berliner. This is verified by this DVD. Let yourself be seduced by this city. Berlin is fascinating!
"Fascination Berlin" is the second part of the DVD "Tour of Berlin - Sights".
Fascination Berlin

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